Photo of Stephen Few

Stephen Few is on a mission to help organizations squeeze real value from the mounds of data that threaten to bury them. Through his consultancy, Perceptual Edge, Stephen teaches simple, clear, and practical data visualization techniques for exploring, analyzing, and communicating quantitative information. With over 30 years of data sensemaking and information design experience, he speaks, teaches, and consults internationally, writes the quarterly Visual Business Intelligence Newsletter, and is the author of four best-selling books on data visualization: Show Me the Numbers, Information Dashboard Design, Now You See It, and Signal.

You can find more information about Stephen on the website of his consultancy, Perceptual Edge, or you can email him.

Photo of Jonathan Koomey

Jonathan Koomey is a researcher, author, lecturer, and entrepreneur whose work spans climate solutions, critical thinking skills, and the energy and environmental effects of information technology.

He is the author of Turning Numbers into Knowledge, a simple and comprehensible introduction to quantitative analysis. He is also the author of Cold Cash, Cool Climate, a book that focuses on how to combat climate change, and earn a profit doing so.

Jon is a lecturer in Earth Systems at the School of Earth, Energy, & Environmental Sciences at Stanford University and has also taught as a visiting professor at UC Berkeley, Stanford, and Yale University.

You can find more information about Jonathan on his website,, or you can email him.