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Analytics Press
PO Box 1545
Burlingame, CA 94011-1545
Phone: +1-650-517-3456
, Fax: +1-510-550-2844

We are interested in hearing from you. Please email us if you wish to:
    • give suggestions for new publications;
    • ask substantive questions about our books;
    • request permission to reprint parts of these books in articles or other books;
    • find out more about seminars on related topics;
    • review the books for a magazine, journal, or newspaper.

To request a review copy of Turning Numbers into Knowledge or Cold Cash, Cool Climate for a review in a magazine, journal, or newspaper, email us. If you are a professor considering the use of Turning Numbers into Knowledge or Cold Cash, Cool Climate in a college or university class, please request a desk copy directly from Independent Publishers Group by going to this page: Academic desk copy request.

To request a review copy of Show Me the Numbers, Now You See It, or Information Dashboard Design for any purpose, email Stephen Few directly.

If you want provide someone with more detailed materials about Turning Numbers into Knowledge to pique their interest, please direct them to this Web site: Alternatively, you can email or print for them a copy of the PDF version of the Preface (if you need a copy of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF files, get it now from Adobe).

Contact Jonathan Koomey directly.

Contact Stephen Few directly.

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