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Turning Numbers into Knowledge front cover
Turning Numbers into Knowledge:
Mastering the Art of Problem Solving (2d edition, April 2008)

Amazon: Paperback or Hardcover Paperback or Hardcover
Show Me the Numbers:
Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten


Now You See It:
Simple Visualization Techniques for Quantitative Analysis


Info Dashboard Design:

Amazon : Paperback

Cold Cash, Cool Climate:

Amazon : Paperback or Kindle ebook  ePub ebook

Businesses and individuals can access an electronic version of Turning Numbers into Knowledge by subscribing to the web site of Books 24x7. While the electronic version does not contain the many humorous cartoons and some of the graphics in the book, the Books 24x7 solution may be cost effective for businesses seeking to use the book for training employees.

Professors and other academics who want to use parts of these books for class readers can request permission to do so at the web site of the Copyright Clearance Center. They can also request desk copies from Independent Publishers Group if they are considering one or more of the books for a class.

If you represent a bookstore interested in ordering either book, please contact our distributor Independent Publishers Group (IPG). If for any reason ordering through IPG won't work for you, please email us.



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