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Analytics Press teaches applied business analytics and critical thinking skills by publishing books, reports, course materials, and software, and by organizing seminars and workshops.
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Better analytical skills lead to better decisionmaking. The 2d edition of Turning Numbers into Knowledge (April 2008) teaches you (in a readable and entertaining way) how to create, use, and present data and analysis results. The 2d edition of Show Me the Numbers (June 2012) teaches how to display quantitative information in tables and graphs, starting with key principles and walking you through myriad business-oriented examples. Now You See It (June 2009) teaches simple and practical ways to analyze quantitative data graphically that can be used by people with little statistical training to discover and make sense of trends, patterns, and exceptions. Our latest book, a revised and updated 2d edition of Information Dashboard Design:  Displaying Data for At-a-Glance Monitoring (August 2013), exposes common problems in dashboard design and describes best practices in great detail. 

Our book Cold Cash, Cool Climate (February 15, 2012) has a slightly different purpose. It is focused on application of data and analysis methods to a particular issue (solving the climate problem) for a specific business audience (entrepreneurs and investors).

To buy these books click here. If you would like to buy 10 or more copies at once, please email us for information and pricing (we offer discounts on such purchases).

The three older books have been used in training classes and academic courses for years. To learn more about these classes, click here. If you have any questions about Analytics Press, would like to arrange a class, or have ideas for how Analytics Press can help foster the development of business analytics and critical thinking, please contact us.


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